So, I have lost respect for Marvel...

I was checking out USA Today today and I saw a story in the Business section, I think, where they had Spider-Man shaking hands with Obama. My only problem with this is that neither Marvel or DC have aligned themselves with a poltical party thus far, both companies have ficticous Presidents, Lex Luthor was the Prez in DC a few years ago. All I can see is this polarizing the fans of Marvel. I am personally thinking of Boycotting all of their books. This just seems wrong somehow....


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  1. Actually, this sort of thing isn't new or restricted to Marvel; DC's had Superman meet with JFK (and divulge his secret identity, no less), as shown here:
    Elsewhere on that site, they show Ronald Reagan meeting with Superman, Captain America, and the Martian Manhunter on different occasions; as well as Superman meeting FDR.
    I think it's more about having their comic characters interacting with a well-known public figure in a setting/plot that could realistically allow the character to meet the celebrity (i.e., the hero has to save the President). It seems to be to be more of a "celebrity cameo"/publicity stunt than anything about political alignment.